I have made a couple of tree decorations simply made from two circles of material sewn together.

Hello ,I would like  to show you how to make a simple Pencil Case.... I chose this gorgeous Owl fabric

Fabric used plus a zip

1.Cut 4 pieces of fabric  2 outer and 2 lining , 6 inches x 11 inches, with right sides facing make a sandwich of the outer fabric, zip facing down and lining fabric. (It doesn't matter about the size of the zip as long as it is the same width or longer than your width of  your pencil case.

2.Pin and stitch this close to the zip across

3.Repeat this on the other side of the zip right side to right side

4. And wrong side to wrong side, 

5.Now pin and stitch  close to the zip

6.Making sure the zip is open

7.Open out so you have the right side facing each other and pin this around making sure you line up the zip. Machine stitch this all around leaving a two inch gap on the lining to turn inside out.

8.Now trim off the zip and  turn right side out

9.Making sure you have pushed the corners out you can now stitch up the gap in the lining

10.Now push the lining in and press

You can make your pencil case any size as I have shown here. I have made a larger one too

My Tea Cosy

Material used
1/2 metre Outer material
1/2 metre Lining
1/2 metre wadding

1. Cut 2 rectangles 14”x12” of The Outer, Lining and wadding

2. Round off the edges…I folded the material in half and used a large plate.

3. Make a sandwich of fabrics as shown Lining, outer fabric face down, then wadding Now stitch across the bottom of each.

4. Now open this up and with right sides facing and wadding against the outer fabric, pin all round making
sure the seams line up, stitch all around leaving a 4 inch gap across the bottom of the lining.
 Trim off any excess wadding and turn the right way. Now stitch across the opening.

5. Push the lining inside leaving a small amount showing, stitch this all around.

7. Finished Tea Cosy

Made with Terrys Fabrics

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Tracey said...

fabulous fabric makes doreen :o)
i would love to do some more sewing but can't fit everything in :( xx

Joanne said...

thanks for taking the time to share your fabric tutorials, they are great.

hugs, Joanne