Thursday, 4 February 2010

Just wandering

Afternoon lovely bloggers,
 On my journeys around all the lovely blogs I visit, I have noticed nearly all images that are used are stamped, now I know colouring in these stamps is an art but is there any protocol to say we must use images to colour in. I have so many wonderful images on various cd's that I love using and feel there is still a good amount of work needed to colour co-ordinate and embellish my work to still call it art. I would like to hear peoples opinions on


Jackie said...

Hi Doreen, for challenges you need to follow the criteria and if it asks for a stamped image then that's what is required. If it doesn't require a stamped image then you can use what you like. I have used my own photographs on some challenges :o)
Jackie xx

nnalorac said...

Hi Doreen
I agree with Jackie but I also want to say, you make gorgeous cards and have used gorgeous images, do what you love doing as long as it works with the challenge.I love doing both, I just wish I was more artistic with the pencil. hugs nnalorac.xx

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Doreen although I love rubber stamping I also use lots of Digi images but I agree with the others your cards are always so beautiful just do what makes you feel happy. I have visited quite a few blogs who have used images from CDs and they look gorgeous they can still be embellished if you want so just go with your creative flow.
Lorraine x

Sarpreet said...

No rule whatsoever, i just love stamping so thats why you will find most of my images stamped and coloured in! nothing wrong with creating cards by other means

Beryl K said...

Hi Doreen, just use what you are happy with. Not all the challenges ask for stamping. You have some fabulous cards on your blog. I do both.
Beryl x

Shirley Davis said...

Hello - a new face for you! Not having ever taken up a card challenge (other than my own, to me) I'd endorse what others have said; how you make your cards is an individual preference. Have fun, experiment a bit and then do what you do as well as you can.

Faye said...

Doreen, I think your cards express who you are and are just beautiful. I use a lot of freebies from Dover Publications and a lot of personal photos. My husband thinks I have a lot of stamps. However, in comparison to other card makers, I have very, very few. I use some of my faves over and over, especially the flourishes.

midnight stamper said...

I usually stamp because I love stamping and colouring etc but I also use clip art and free images from the internet, unless a challenge specifies stamping I think you can use whatever you like, your cards are lovely (thanks for following )

KymKreates said...

I say you use what makes you happy! I truly enjoy the coloring. Even more than putting the card together. This is your blog, your creation and your way of doing it! That is what makes it right!

I think your cards are beautiful!